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Thursday, January 5, 2017

You have the Wisdom of Solomon in you. Activate it!

One great wisdom of the winner is coined in the saying that, “Winners never quit”.
A winner is a champion who will not give up whatever may be the difficulties he is facing.

Great winners in history are people that saw failures as feedback and turned obstacles into opportunities for success.

You’ve to awaken and reactivate the Wisdom of Solomon in you and keep the following winning principles in check:

1.    A winner does not quit whatever betides

2.    A winner gets tough when things get tough

3.    A winner attempts what others say is impossible

4.    A winner thinks big and acts accordingly

5.    A winner is rugged enough to weather the storms

6.    A winner begins his success where others give up and quit

7.    A winner is never discouraged with disappointments

8.    A winner smiles as he soars high in difficult situation

9.    A winner is excited in difficult tasks

10.    A winner makes obstacles his stepping stones to success

Winning is an attitude, develop it. 


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