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Saturday, December 24, 2016

25 Motivating, philosophical and Inspirational Positive Quotes!

25 Motivating, philosophical and Inspirational Positive Quotes that will turn your life for good!

1. "A man without challenges, trouble and difficulties is simply a man without a course in life".

2. "An indecisive mind is prone to mistakes".

3. "When you show your attitude to the world they know your background".

4. "Our philosophies, ideology and education are clearly useless if they can't add meaning to life or fail to impact life positively".

5. "One day of accomplishment is better than a decade of wastage".

6. "The word 'SORRY' can heal a wounded heart and rekindle hope"


7. "The human mind is like a microwave energy that spots instincts in nano-seconds if it is set in motion, it has no limit".

8. "You are doomed when you bag a degree without a decree for success".

9. "A truly successful rich man is one that is able to reproduce extra 50 or more rich men before retirement".

10. "When a man refuses to adhere to the chastisement of his maker, he becomes vulnerable to the woes of the world".

11. "Business grows in abundance when there is so much anticipation, passion and excitement in the job".

12. "Believing in unknown future, destiny, predestination without working hard to see it through is a mere fantasy"

13. "LIFE gives you what you want if only you know exactly what you want. LIFE could also make you a passenger in the vehicle that you are supposed to be a driver, that's clearly if you don't know where you are going or what you want from life. Know what you want and be who you want be".

14. "Physical marriage without spiritual confinement is a marital disaster".

15. "Conscience is the active-force of God in a man; when it is dead, the man becomes a venomous snake on the surface of the earth".

16. "People who fail to learn the lessons of life or the bitter experiences of others are doomed to a life of misery in time and eternity".

17. "When the master commissions and the vision is backed up with immediate action there will be no room for omission in the mission statement".

18. "A building that lacks solid foundation is doomed for collapse".

19. "Youthful period is the time to make manful period effective and worth living".

20. "A ship without a captain has no destination".

21. "No one will share your dreams until they come to reality; let desire remain effervescent and never despair".

22. "When a gift package is not appreciated it means it was not genuinely accepted by the receiver".

23. "What is the value of the treasure: if you have the means and no one makes a living in it".

24. "Any service that lacks passion suffers humiliation and defeat in consequent time".

25. "Respect and acceptance of everyone irrespective of colour, culture and religion is the original master plan from the day of creation; allergic to racists".


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