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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Oh Africa Our Gentle Continent Cry No More!

Sometimes, I begin to lament and ask God why? Why do we have to suffer this much? Why do we have to pay for the sins and atrocities of our fore-fathers?🤔🤕😳

Despite of our wealth and riches yet we have no happines, peace nor comfort. We have the highest number of Displaced, Mad and Blind people all over the streets of Europe, Asia, Africa and America. We fly everyday all over the world for either kidney transplant, cancer or one health issue to another.😡😭

Despite our beauty like that of King Solomon (Nye'nma) our father, the western people still refer us as monkeys, chimps and baboons.😡😭

Despite our intellectual capabilities they still regard us as morons and illiterates.😡😭

Despite our meek and gentle nature like that of Christ Jesus (Chukwuokike) our God-father, they still consider us as the most antagonist, furious, pathetic, wicked and animalistic people on planet earth.😡😭

Despite our cry for independence they still exercise authority and supremacy over us with their satanic laws of same sex marriage, gay and lesbianism.😡😭

They came to us some centuries ago as wolves in sheep clothing, took everything we held sacred in the name of colonialism and western education, forcefully entered into our temples (shrine) of worship, stole of our ancient scrolls and butchered our history, invented HATRED for the African man, divided us with their false and satanic religion called Islam and Christianity in place of our own religion called "LOVE" which we inherited from our fore-fathers, defiled our lands and robbed us of our spiritual sights, enslaved us, raped my grand mothers, made them prostitutes and tortured my grand fathers and flew them to the cold world called Europe and America in chains and complete nakedness to build their plantations, houses, companies and to serve them in chains forever.😡😭

*But cry no more sons and daughters of Zion for the time has come when we must go back to our old time religion called "LOVE" and that is the only solution and cure to this age-long curse and leprosy we brought upon ourselves when broke the covenant and abandoned the commandments of God Almighty. Deuteronomy 28:15-45*

Hear me African born, you are the chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy/spirit filled tribe, a peculiar people therefore, walk tall and never show the hurt inside because you are the light of the world . #Smile always and never stop loving your haters and enemies in trials and persecutions. 


*Victory is ours in Christ Jesus* AMEN! 😋
* Get It Right *

Evang. Thankgod Chimenem Wanyanwu, Adherent of the African Cultural Religion 

Our Generation Must Honour Jesus.


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