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Saturday, February 4, 2017


How to Overcome the Hurdles (Part 2)
By: Priestley Nna

 "Those who must achieve conquests and take the future must not just plan properly but must also have the right attitude and build their self confidence"

After High School, I enrolled for the University Matriculations Examination (UME) now University and Tertiary Matriculations Examinations (UTME). The UME was a yearly requisite examination one had to take in other to gain admissions into the University in Nigeria. My first attempt was not successful as I scored well below the mark needed to gain admission into the University of my choice. Consequently, I enrolled again the following year for three consecutive years and I was unable to get the required score. After the fourth attempt, I was bitter and angry, so I told myself I was never going to write the examination one more time. I was going to give up my dreams of going to the University, I felt frustrated by the UME.

Next year, when it was time to register for the examination again, I refused purchasing the form and registering for the exams, I felt I should rest from the endless failures I recorded at the exams. Deep within me I craved gaining admission into the University but here laid this seeming giant and hurdle I must conquer and jump over. I knew I was equal to the task but how I couldn't scale through was something I couldn't understand.

By the Second Quarter of that year a contact I had at the University where I sought admission acquired a Pre-degree form for me processed it and did all that was necessary. I was anxious, it was already 5 years after high school and I was yet to get into the University. I waited hopefully and patiently, by December that year, I was shortlisted for a Pre-degree programme with the Federal University of Technology Owerri, it was another opportunity to prove myself, so by January next year I started the program. After the first and second semester exams I had a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of Four (4.0) well enough to get me admission into any department of my choice. Eventually, I secured the admission I had spent almost 5 years looking for through UME.

During this period, I was severally advised to seek other means of getting admission into the University but I declined, I wanted to get it through UME, that was the route I was comfortable with, but it never came and I still had to fall back to the other means I earlier rejected.

Hurdles are an inherent part of every plan or goal to achieve success. There is hardly any venture or engagement that does not embody obstacles in the process of trying to actualize your dreams, goals or success.

In fact, Science teaches us that every moving object is faced with some form of resistance. An object moving upwards has the resistance of gravity to contend with, falling objects also have air resistance to sort out. How about frictions? The resistance between two surfaces, we are taught that without friction cars may not be able to stop, humans will not be able to walk controllably and so on. 

Practically, every movement experiences a form of resistance which is inherent. In the same way, we all encounter challenges on our paths to success or greatness. The challenge therefore is not the existence of these hurdles but how to overcome them.

One way to overcome them therefore is the REALIZATION that they are a part of the process and are bound to surface. Consider the story of a man who woke up one morning and needed to pick up a grocery at the store, he took the exact amount of money he would be needing for the grocery and his transport fare only. On getting to the store after picking up the grocery, he discovers he had misplaced his transport fare back home, he was stranded because he didn't have any extra money with him. He didn't envisage or put the situation he found himself into consideration and so did not make any plans to overcome it.
So for us to be able to overcome obstacles and challenges on our part to achieving a conquest, we must have the realization that obstacles exists and thus, prepare to engage them accordingly.

Another important lesson on how to overcome obstacles on our way to success can be drawn from our lead story. From the story, you could see how I spent 5 years looking for something when I could have got same in one, two or three years. Why did that happen? I was busy looking only in ONE DIRECTION. I refused to consider other options that would have led to achieving the same thing. I stuck to what I felt was comfortable for me and was afraid to leave this comfort zone. I was RIGID and deliberately refused to explore other options.

This is a very dangerous trend for anyone who wants to achieve his goals. One must be willing to loose sight of the old shore to discover new ones; one must be willing to discover and explore other opportunities that point in the same direction to his goal.
Obviously, I lacked FLEXIBILITY in my opinion about the route to achieving my goal of getting into the university and I paid for it dearly. I lost time.

In the first series (PREPARING FOR A CONQUEST Part1), I talked about having the right attitude beyond preparations and planning as the requirements for achieving a conquest. Additionally, one should be able to expect obstacles so as to eliminate the surprised element and be Flexible as well in other to achieve great success.

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