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Friday, January 20, 2017


~Beyond Doting The I's And Crossing  The T's (Part1)
By: Priestley Nna

"Those who must achieve conquests and take the future must not just plan properly but must also have the right attitude and build their self confidence"

Over and again we were often reminded of how we  must plan and prepare thoroughly if we must succeed with our set goals. Either by our parents, our teachers in high school, uncles, those we looked up to or perhaps we may have read in the books or heard in passing that proper planning  prevents poor performance or that failing to plan was planning to fail.

For me, these simple, worn out and over-used laconic lines formed my combustion chamber. They provided that occasional push we all need once in a while on our paths towards actualizing a defined goal. Most times the sound of those aphorisms inspired a kind of fear in me; the type you would experience when you imagined missing an opportunity only because you were poorly prepared or didn't plan thoroughly. So that fear provided the extra push towards readying oneself for unseen opportunities ahead.

Off high school, in the university, I began to review my acceptance of those cliches. Events and life's experiences forced me to ponder on them repeatedly. One of such experiences was during one of my exams in School, it was supposed to be the last paper for the semester and of course guided by the thinking that I must prepare absolutely to guard against failing woefully, I'd  over-stretched and over tasked my mental faculties, I was fatigued and could hardly read or assimilate what I read. I thought I could use a nap and hopefully rest my brain, but I only found myself up from what was supposed  to be a nap, the next day and guess what? I woke up less than 2hours to my exams and I was pitiably empty.

My head ached with emptiness. Tensed and worried, those lines (Proper preparation prevents poor performance) danced into my mind repeatedly almost as if someone pushed them into my head. Just an hour thirty minutes to read, prep and then go to school.  
Amidst this haze, with so many thoughts swimming into my mind, I told myself I was going to pass this paper. Immediately I said that, I took my book opened to a subject and did justice to it. I went late to the exam hall almost empty with just that singular subject in my head unready for exams. I knew I had not prepared properly but I was armed with confidence. Where it came from, I didn't  know.
80% of the questions bothered on what I read that morning. My joy knew no bounds and so I delivered accordingly.

Now, I was poorly prepared, yet I was successful. What was the secret? No doubt, proper planning/preparation is a recipe for Success but even this recipe will fail if you do not have the *Right Attitude*. While it may be easy to say it was a fluke, it is also important to put into cognizance, the fact that with my already battered psychological state of mind, I would have done very little with the same set of questions without instilling the right attitude into myself.
Yes, Attitude complements planning/Preparation. This explains why most times though we are prepared for a task or exam or interviews etc yet we fail to hit the pass mark. We probably did not put up the right attitude.

I came to the realization and so schooled myself that proper planning and preparations alone do not guarantee success but a mix of that with the  right attitude would always make success a cinch.

Attitude defers for different circumstances and tasks that is why it is referred to as the "Right Attitude."  It is not stereotyped or patterned it is more like some unique set of codes which you must input every other time. The Right Attitude that worked for me from my story were these set of codes

 *C O N F I D E N C E*
Had I not forced myself into believing I was going to pass that paper, I probably wouldn't have, especially, seeing I was already disrupt and tensed minutes before the exams.

You may have planned and prepared thoroughly, yet results aren't changing to suit or reflect your level of preparedness then you must begin work on your Attitude, whether as an individual or as a group.

As a group, the individuals who make up the group or system  must begin to unlearn fixed ideologies and evolve the requisite attitude.

Proper preparation, Proper planning and zero or wrong Attitude will yield zero success.

Those who must achieve conquests and take the future must not just plan properly (Dotting the I's and Crossing the T's) but must also have the right attitude.

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