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Friday, January 27, 2017

INCREDIBLE! 23 Celebrities With White Skin You Would Never Guess Are Actually Black

Usually when someone has a black lineage the trait is obvious. But these biracial celebs have such light skin, it can be nearly impossible to tell that they are actually half black. Whether they play characters that are that white or they just never talk about their lineage, you may be completely surprised that these celebs have a black relative.


Vin Diesel rounds out the list because it’s not clear if he should be here, but he thinks he should be. His mother is of European descent, but he’s never met his biological father. Despite this, Vin says he identifies himself as a “person of color” and his stepfather is black, so that must count for something. Vin has never told anyone who his father is nor directly confirmed that his father was black.


Showing where he gets his skills on the basketball court, light skinned Blake Griffin has an Afro-Haitian father. His mother is Caucasian which is where he gets the light skin that makes it really hard to guess what his lineage is. Although he may be proving false the idea that white men can’t jump because he has been an All-Star for every season that he has played.


Troian Bellisario couldn’t get any more white on television if she tried. On the show Pretty Little Liars she plays WASP and leader of the group Spencer Hastings. There is nothing at all about her appearance or character to suggest that she is actually the daughter of Deborah Pratt who is of African and Creole descent. Her father is Donald Bellisario, who is Italian/Serbian.

He is best known for his role on Prison Break where he plays a character that does not look or act at all black. However, Wentworth Miller was born into a multiethnic family, with his father being African America, Jamaican, English, Jewish and Cherokee. His mother was just as diverse, and that diversity has created a very handsome and talented man. He has not only sold his own screenplay, but he is now appearing on the new CW show The Flash.

Growing up in an era where a drop of African American blood could ruin your career, Carol kept her heritage a secret until 2002. In her autobiography she wrote that her mother told her when she was 16 that her father was at least half black. The remarkably pale actress gave no hint that she had any African American blood in her and went on to have a very prolific Broadway career.


Pete Wentz is the lead singer for Fall Out Boy and he seems to be as white as they come. But his rocker outer shell conceals the fact that his grandfather was actually black. His grandfather was an ambassador to Sierra Leone and it seems Pete has plenty of his grandfather in him, as he is a supporter of Invisible Children (an organization to help refugees in Uganda).


Rashida Jones has made quite the name for herself as an actress taking on both comedic and dramatic films on the large and small screens. When you look at her lineage you won’t be surprised she has so much talent. She is the daughter of Peggy Lipton (who was an actress in shows like Twin Peaks and Mod Squad) and the one and only Quincy Jones. Despite the fact that her father has 79 Grammys and a media empire, Rashida still made a name for herself all her own.


Cash Warren is known for being the husband of Jessica Alba and a Hollywood producer. But you would probably never guess that he is the son of Michael Warren. Michael Warren is most known for his role on Hill Street Blues, for which he was nominated for an Emmy. Sue Narramore is Cash’s mother.


Dwayne Johnson or “The Rock” is obviously a mix of something but many people are not fully aware of what. There is even a Family Guy sketch about what his ethnicity really is. His father was an African Canadian wrestler and his mother is Samoan. The Samoan features are probably what causes his ethnicity to be so elusive, but it doesn’t take away from the fighting and acting talent that Dwayne possesses.


Sometimes it must feel pretty awkward for Daniel Sunjata to always be cast in Hispanic roles…mainly because he is not Hispanic. Best known for his role on Rescue Me, Daniel is a mix of African American, Irish and German descent. Daniel has also performed on Broadway earning a Tony nomination for his role in Take Me Out.


Rosario Dawson is another celebrity who is often a mystery to many people. Some may find it odd when she is cast in African American roles and others may wonder why she gets Latino roles. In fact her mother is a mixture of Puerto Rican and Afro Cuban descent. Rosario’s career continues to take off and proves that hard work can get you places as she grew up with hardly anything to her name.

Probably topping the list of people who really don’t look black is Derek Jeter. He is the son of an African American man and a Caucasian woman, yet most people would never guess. Derek does not try and hide his heritage and is quite proud of both his parents. Considering Derek is considered one of the best and highest paid athletes today his parents are probably proud of him too.

Jennifer Beals is most known for her roles on Flashdance and The L Word, but what this sexy star isn’t known for is having a black father. It was actually at Jennifer’s request that her character in the show I be made biracial. The actress continues to work in film and television as well as championing a number of worthy causes.


Kris Humphries is a professional basketball player who is perhaps best known for his brief marriage to Kim Kardashian. Kris Humphries may not look it, but he is part African American through his father, which is probably how he manages to still be a decent basketball player. An interesting fact is that while it only took 72 days of marriage for Kim to request a divorce it took well over a year for a settlement to be reached. Yet another reason to not rush into things.


Charli Baltimore was born Tiffany Lane and is a Grammy nominated rapper and songwriter. It might be the pale skin and wild bright hair styles that make it hard to tell that she has a German father and an African American mother. She has a new album set to release in 2015, presumably to cover up the complete disappearance of True Lies, the album which was supposed to be released in 2012.


Jessica Szohr is an actress who started her career on the small screen with shows like CSI: Miami. She became popular when she snagged a role in Gossip Girl and a role in the big screen movie The Internship. Throughout her career few people would have ever suspected that she is one quarter African American through her mother. She has no current projects but it is unlikely this stunning beauty will be out of work for long.


Meghan Markle plays Rachel Zane on the series Suits but you would never guess that this pale actress is the daughter of an African American mother and a Dutch/Irish father. It is usually the freckles on this actress/model that throw people off but her beauty is definitely the result of her diverse background.


Mariah Carey is one of the bestselling music artists of all time selling over 200 million albums worldwide. The single she performed with Boyz II Men remains the longest held number 1 song in history. Her olive skin might throw you off a bit, but she was born to an African American father and a Caucasian mother. But she probably knew that there was something good to be found with African American men, as she ended up marrying and having two children with Nick Cannon.


It’s pretty obvious that she is a mix of something, but most people are not quite sure what. Well, Maya Rudolph is the daughter of backup singer and songwriter Minnie Riperton and Randall Rudolph. Maya’s diverse background is likely the reason she became such a hit on Saturday Night Live. She was able to take on a wide range of roles and impersonations (including a near perfect one of Oprah) which made her a fan favorite until she left the show in 2007.


An African American heavy metal rocker is not something you see every day and that may be one of the reasons why Slash’s heritage is so hard to believe. Slash was born Saul Hudson and his mother was black while his father was white. His amazing skills at the guitar led him to be the lead guitarist for Guns N’ Roses and later Velvet Revolver. He now focuses on a solo career.


Nicole Richie’s biggest claim to fame may just be that she was incredibly dumb and naΓ―ve on the hit show ¬¬The Simple Life but she does have an interesting back story. She is actually the daughter of Peter Michael Escovedo and has Afro-Mexican and Latino as her heritage. Her father was a musician who played back up for Lionel Richie and the singer ended up adopting Nicole.


While you may know it now, most people were not aware that Soledad O’Brien was black until it became really strange that she was doing Black in America. It turns out that her mother is Afro-Cuban and her father is Australian. So while she may look a little strange hosting a show about being black, she does have some idea what she is talking about…even if most people would not see her as being black


Ben Harper is a 3 time Grammy award winner and has skills on a wide range of instruments. His work spans several genres and his fans span several continents. His lineage might surprise his fans because his father is African and Cherokee, while his mother is Jewish. His hair might hint at his father’s side but his skin tone and voice are all his mother.

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